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BloodEyeRemove from Helmsman
The times when the photos with red-eye effect were considered ruined are gone! Today you need not even use expensive and complicated PhotoShop to remove the unwanted coloration of eyes. There is a better way! New handy and easy-to-use utility Blood Eye Remove can almost automatically remove red eyes from your photos in seconds. There are just a few steps to remove red eyes with Blood Eye Remove. You select the photo specify the area of unwanted red and at once see the result in the Preview window. If you are satisfied with it just press Apply and enjoy the photo without any red eye effect. Blood Eye Remove works to the pixel level which means that the result will always be perfect. Inutiative interface makes it possible even for a beginner to master the program in seconds. Try it for free and you will sure appreciate our simple but powerful red eye remover tool.

Category: Software::Multimedia & Design::Image Editing
BloodEyeRemove from Helmsman
Product ID: 2149-48 | Publisher: Helmsman
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