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Brain Train Age from PtShare
Brain Train Age
Brain Train Age is the PC version of Brain Age and it is a funny puzzle game which can determines how old your brain is. Brain train age provides memory analysis intuition count and language modules for you test. Take memory module for example you can do counting memory picking memory and instant memory test.

Brain Train Age designed to active your brain By performing daily exercises just minutes a day over weeks and months the better you'll get at the exercises and the lower your DS Brain Age will become.

Brain Age is inspired by the research of Professor Ryuta Kawashima a prominent Japanese neuroscientist. His studies evaluated the impact of performing certain reading and mathematic exercises to help stimulate the brain.

Brain Age presents quick mental activities that help keep your DS brain in shape. Activities include quickly solving simple math problems counting people going in and out of a house simultaneously drawing pictures on the Touch Screen reading classic literature out loud and more. You can also play sudoku the number puzzle game which has become an extremely popular feature in U.S. newspapers.

We all know as we grow older our bodies change and it becomes important to regularly exercise to maintain health and fitness. Our brain is no different. "Use it or lose it " as the adage goes. New research indicates mental acuity may be strengthened like muscles with brain exercises.

Aging is about taking on new challenges for our minds. Brain Train Age is a great way to do that. Brain Train Age features activities designed to help stimulate your brain and prevent it from going old.

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Brain Train Age from PtShare
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