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PDF Bookmarks from Frank Kusluski
PDF Bookmarks
PDF Bookmarks is a powerful utility program which will allow you to easily create edit delete bookmarks within a PDF file. Main features include

Create PDFs with bookmarks from files
Find and replace bookmark names
Find and replace bookmark color
Find and replace bookmark style
Find and replace bookmark action
Create bookmarks from an outline
Create bookmarks from pages
Find and remove bookmarks
Copy bookmarks from one PDF to other PDFs
Insert new child bookmarks
Write bookmarks to a text file
Create bookmarks from text file or Excel workbook
Edit bookmark color style by level
Expand collapse show hide bookmarks
Reduce PDF file size
Audit bookmarks
Batch processing - process many PDF files at once
Create script files which can be run with the click of a button!

Note PDF Bookmarks requires Adobe Acrobat Standard Professional version 5 or greater.

Category: Software::Multimedia & Design::Authoring Tools
PDF Bookmarks from Frank Kusluski
Product ID: 4459-38 | Publisher: Frank Kusluski
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