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Scanahand 2 Standard Edition from High-Logic B.V.
Scanahand 2 Standard Edition
It's never been easier to make your own custom fonts. Scanahand allows you to generate fonts without the need to know all of the technical details involved. How does it work? Simply print a template draw all of the characters using a black marker or felt-tip pen and scan your drawing. Scanahand will build your font and install it on Windows ready for you to use. You don't need to use additional graphics software but Power Users and Hobbyists alike can use Scanahand along with their favorite graphic drawing software to create or modify each character of their font. So even without a printer and scanner you'll be able to create custom fonts. Scanahand lets you digitize your signature and use it in any Windows program. You can turn icons company logos or any line art into font characters. If you have a graphics program installed on your computer it's easy to open your hand-written template and add artistic flair to each of your font characters. You can even load your fonts onto Macintosh computers. It's easy and fun to create a new font and another one and one more...

Category: Software::Desktop Enhancements::Font Tools
Scanahand 2 Standard Edition from High-Logic B.V.
Product ID: 3508-7 | Publisher: High-Logic B.V.
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