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Season Match 2 from URSE Games
Season Match 2 Free Trial
Season Match 2
The fairytale kingdom reigned by Snow Queen and three princesses of seasons in turn has been seized by Prince January. All the castles are trapped in ice and snow. The little dwellers of the kingdom –butterflies bees ladybirds dragonflies – feel cold and severe winter gives them nothing but hard frost. But it can be helped! At every level of this game you are to find a magical artifact guarded by its guard. Do your best to defeat the guard – tip the scale with the magic power to your side and the enemy will be vanquished. On your way to victory there are 35 battle levels 35 various hidden-object games and 7 original minigames. Main feature of this game is innovative game process which lets you face your enemies while solving arcade logical puzzles. The fairytale that links the levels together provides a strong plot the absence of which could weaken a good game. Main characters - the kingdom dwellers - will accompany you. Snow Queen’s niece April will always be at your side giving you tips about what to do to overcome evil force and bring the celebration of seasons back to the magic kingdom. Unravel the mystery of the ice conspiracy and bring the seasons back in their places!

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Season Match 2 from URSE Games
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