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  • Grow revenue by selling custom branded eSIMs
    within your app

    Embed our global telco service into your solutions with a fully custom branded eSIM for your customers

    • Upsell mobile connectivity to your customers and increase your top-line
      Expand revenue streams by earning on every plan sold and keep your customers connected all the time, even before they buy a plan or have a Wi-Fi connection.

    Example User Journey via our API In-app Integration

    Our API allows your to seamlessly integrate the eSIM via a single button on any screen of your app.

    After your users install an eSIM via 1 click. Customers then get In-app custom plans from your own defined data plan product catalogue.

    Customer pays within the app via your existing payment checkout. All orders are closed within your app.

    Our API offers a dashboard to show the user’s actual plan usage to offer promotions and boost repeat purchases when the customer runs out of data.

    Distribute your custom eSIMs today!

    Our partnerships team will be glad to give you deeper insights into our embedded telco offering