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    No Data or Voice Service after Migrating

    Steps to take for data or voice service issues after migrating.

    There could be a few reasons if you are experiencing this problem: 

    1. If you have a device that’s locked to another mobile operator, you will not be able to connect to any other service provider. In this case, you could use another device, or ask your operator to unlock your device. If you have another device that you are sure is unlocked, you can try to use your new SIM on that device. If you are using an eSIM, you will need to contact 1GLOBAL Customer Service if you wish to perform this test, as a new QR code is needed if you are re-installing it. 

    2. Your device may be trying to use old settings from your previous operator, and this could be interfering with how it reaches the 1GLOBAL network and you may need to restart your device. 

    3. Your SIM might be suspended for an administrative reason. Please contact 1GLOBAL Customer Service (business.help@1global.com or dial 707) to check the status of your SIM. 

    If you have any trouble using your service, do not hesitate to contact 1GLOBAL directly by dialing 707 on your mobile or by emailing business.help@1global.com.

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