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    Just Landed SMS

    Frequently Asked Questions in regard to the Just Landed SMS feature.

    What is a Just Landed SMS?

    The Just Landed SMS is a standard notification that all 1GLOBAL customers receive when they arrive in a country that is not their home country.

    The aim of this message is to provide relevant information which include the rates that will apply to calls, texts, and data for that country.

    Just Landed SMS is regulatory for subscribers in some countries however, it is possible to opt out from this feature.

    How Do I Stop Receiving These Messages?

    If you no longer wish to receive Just Landed SMS, please contact us and we will deactivate the feature on your behalf.

    Why Am I Not Receiving These Messages When I Visit a New Country?

    It is possible that the Just Landed SMS service has been switched off. Please contact us and we will reactivate the feature for you.

    Why Am I Receiving These Messages in an Unexpected Language?

    The Just Landed SMS will be sent in the same language as your account's billing country. This cannot be changed.

    Why Are The Rates On My Bill Different to the SMS?

    If there is a discrepancy between your Just Landed SMS rate information and what is presented on the bill, please contact us we will be happy to resolve any of your queries.

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