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    UK Network Upgrade - All You Need To Know

    We are upgrading our service to bring you 4G in the UK.

    We have upgraded to enable 4G access across the UK, without any changes to pricing or plans. Behind the scenes, the upgrade involved some supplier and infrastructure changes & we have switched our UK Operating Partner from Vodafone to Telefonica UK (O2) & got completed June 2017.

    When Will 4G be Available?

    At 1GLOBAL we are committed to giving you the best possible service.  As so many of our customers rely on great data connection, providing 4G as a standard is an important part of that.

    4G is now available to our customers in the UK. To find out our current 1GLOBAL 4G supported countries, go to Where Is 4G Available?.

    Will Coverage Change?

    We have worked very carefully to give our users the best coverage possible. Vodafone and Telefonica had an agreement allowing equipment sharing so service should be unaffected. Should you have coverage issues, please go to  Why Do I Not Have Coverage On My Handset?.

    Were There Any Change On Plans or Pricing?

    None. This is a network change only and has no impact on any subscriptions, plans or pricing.

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