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    What Is Smart Dialing?

    Description of the Smart Dialing feature and how it can be activated or deactivated.

    What is Smart Dialing?

    It is a feature designed to simplify your dialing when you visit another country and are trying to call numbers that are either in the country you are visiting or back in your home country. In these scenarios, there is no need to enter the exit code or the country code, instead you can just dial the number in standard national format and the call will be connected.

    On the other hand, there are a small number of networks in a small number of countries around the world where Smart Dialing is still not supported. In these countries you will still need to use the exit code and the appropriate country code. Please note that Smart Dialing is not applied when:

    • Calling internationally from your home country

    • Visiting one country and calling a country that is not your Home country

    Please refer Calling Abroad, Country Codes and International Dialling for more information.


    If you have a UK Primary number and travel to Spain, with Smart Dialing enabled, you will be able to call a UK number using the national format e.g. 07409876362.
    You can also call a Spanish number in local format e.g. 612345678.
    However, to dial a German number you will need to dial the full international access code and the German country code e.g. 00 49 xxxxxxxxxx.

    How Do I Activate/Deactivate Smart Dialing?

    • To turn ON Smart Dialing dial *126# from your handset

    • To turn OFF Smart Dialing dial *127# from your handset

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