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    Why Can't I Make Voice Calls?

    Troubleshooting steps for Voice issues.

    If you are experiencing issues when making voice calls, the following troubleshooting steps may help resolve your problem.

    1. Do You Have Coverage?

    If you are in an area with no or limited coverage, you will experience trouble making calls.

    For more information on coverage issues, please refer Why Do I Not Have Coverage On My Handset
    2. Are You Also Unable To Use SMS and Data?

    In a very small number of countries some network providers do not allow Pre-Pay subscribers to make phone calls. To resolve this issue, we have a callback method that Pre-Pay subscribers can use. For more information, please refer How To Use The Call Back Method.

    If the issue is with all your services (Voice, SMS, Data), please contact us.

    3. Have You Recently Transferred Your Number To 1GLOBAL?

    If you can neither make or receive voice calls and have recently ported into 1GLOBAL from another service provider, please allow 1 hour after your port time for all services to be active.

    If you are experiencing issues with your voice calls after 1 hour, please contact us.

    4. Have You Restarted Your Device?

    From time to time, smart phones and other devices with SIM cards can start acting not so smart. You should always try a full power-down restart and see if that helps.
    5. Are You Able To Make Some Calls But Not Others?

    If you are a Pre-Pay customer, you will need sufficient credit to make an outbound call.

    To check your credit, dial *124# from your handset.

    6. Are You Dialing A Premium Rate Number?

    To prevent our customers from receiving nasty bill shocks, we restrict calls to some Premium Rate Numbers.

    If you would like to check if the number your are dialing is one of the restricted Premium Rate or Non-Geographic numbers, please contact us.

    7. Are You Using The Correct International Format?

    If you are attempting to make an international call, make sure that you are using the correct dialing format. For more information, please refer Calling Abroad, Country Codes and International Dialling

    8. Test From Another Phone

    If possible,  try calling the number from a different device / SIM and see if it works.  If not, it may be a problem with the number you are trying to call.

    If these tests don't help you resolve the issue, please contact us.
    Need More Help - Contact Us!

    If none of the above helped, please get in touch with us & we'll be happy to assist you.

    To help speed up troubleshooting so we can get things working for you as quickly as possible, please take note of the following:

    • Confirm which of the above steps you have undertaken and what the result was.

    • Provide us with your 1GLOBAL Mobile Number.

    • Tell us where you experienced the issue in as much detail as you are able to eg:  Road, Place, City, Country, Postcode etc.

    • Tell us what time and / or how long you have been having the issue.

    • Tell us what network you are connected to and whether you have signal or not

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