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    AU Financial Hardship Policy

    August 21, 2023

    TP Australia Operations Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “1GLOBAL”) understands that unfortunate circumstances may arise that affect customer's ability to pay for services that have been provided by 1GLOBAL. As such, 1GLOBAL has a Financial Hardship Policy in place that can assist such customer.

    1GLOBAL's financial hardship policy provides affected customer with different options which aim to allow the customer to continue using 1GLOBAL service.

    This policy covers the following unfortunate circumstances:

    -        Loss of employment of the customer or family member;

    -        Family breakdown;

    -        Illness, including physical incapacity, hospitalisation, or mental illness of the customer or family member;

    -        A death in the family;

    Other factors resulting in unforeseen change in the customer's capacity to meet their payment obligations, whether through a reduction in income or through an increase in non-discretionary expenditure.

    Our dedicated staff will work with the affected customer and jointly find a solution. Solutions such as:

    -        Call barring;

    -        Reconnection of a service with restricted access;

    -        Offer of a pre-paid service;

    -        Recommending to the affected customer that they cancel any content subscription services that are billed via their telecommunications account (e.g. ring tones, jokes, pictures, etc);

    -        Recommending to the affected customer that they contact their bank to cancel any direct debit arrangements that are no longer applicable (for example, this may be relevant if different payment arrangements have been agreed upon with the customer);

    -        Realistic/ affordable payment arrangements;

    -        Withdrawal of reconnection and late payment fees;

    -        Ongoing case management during the period of financial difficulty.

    The process:

    If you are experiencing financial difficulty and wish to discuss 1GLOBAL payment options we have available for you, call us on +61 2 8073 5428. You can do so from 8:00am to 8:00pm (AEST).

    When assessing whether your circumstances are covered by our financial hardship policy, 1GLOBAL may ask you to provide certain documents such as:

    -        A statutory declaration or official written communication from a person or support group that is familiar with your circumstances;

    -        Evidence that you consulted a recognised financial counsellor;

    -        A statement of your financial position.

    1GLOBAL may not be able to make an assessment of your circumstances if you do not provide us with the requested information. 1GLOBAL may use the information you provide as well as other information available to us. Once 1GLOBAL received all required information, 1GLOBAL will let you know within 7 working days whether your circumstances are covered by our Financial Hardship Policy.

    If your circumstances are eligible, 1GLOBAL will work with you to come to an arrangement that allows you to pay your outstanding charges in a way that does not worsen your financial position. Where appropriate 1GLOBAL will discuss means with you how to limit your spending (such as the solutions as set out above) during the time of our arrangement and thereafter.

    Once 1GLOBAL comes to an agreement with you, 1GLOBAL will put this in writing via letter or email to you. You must inform us if your circumstances change (for better or for worse) during our arrangement.

    1GLOBAL will not charge you for assessing your Financial Hardship circumstances or for administering the matter.

    Finding a financial counsellor:

    You can talk to a phone financial counsellor from anywhere in Australia by ringing 1800 007 007 (minimum opening hours are 9.30 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday). This number will automatically switch through to the service in the State or Territory closest to you.

    Alternatively, you can find the financial counselling service nearest to you by visiting https://www.financialcounsellingaustralia.org.au/