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  • Code of Conduct 

    1GLOBAL Customer Code 

    August 30, 2023 


    A guide to our services and what to do if you have a problem

    The aim of the 1GLOBAL Customer Code is to give you a clear guide to our services and to explain our procedures for complaint handling and dispute resolution if you have a problem. It doesn't affect your legal rights, or form part of a contract between you and us. 


    Our contact details 

    To contact us, simply call 707 from your 1GLOBAL mobile. Calls are free to call 707. Or, you can call us from a landline on 020 3318 0742. These calls will be at the operator's standard rate. 

    You can also write to us at: 

    Customer Services 

    TP Global Operations Limited 

    109-111 Farringdon Road,  

    London, U.K., EC1R 3BW    

    You can also email us at help@1global.com if you are a consumer or if you are a business customer business.help@1global.com

    If you'd like to receive this document in a different format, such as in large print or in Braille, email at help@1global.com / business.help@1global.com or contact Customer Services on 707 or 020 3318 0742. 1GLOBAL is a trading name of TP Global Operations Limited 


    Our code of practice on customer service 

    1GLOBAL provides global mobile voice and data communications services including in the UK through a muti-IMSI SIM card solution. Where 1GLOBAL does not have a direct presence in a particular country it offers its customers communications services through roaming agreements with other mobile network operators. TRU's services include voice calls, text and picture messaging, MMS and data usage. A detailed description of the 1GLOBAL services and where it is available can be found at www.1global.com



    Our pricing depends on the type of package or bundle you purchase and whether you are a pre-pay or post-pay customer. We also have different rates for our business customers. Further details of our charges and tariffs, including the packages available to you can be found at www.1global.com


    Payment options 

    We offer a various payment options but these may be restricted depending on whether you have a pre-pay or post pay account with us. The payment options include: 


    Debit or credit card 


    Auto Top Ups 

    Topping up on-line 

    Topping up via telephone 


    If you are a post-pay customer and you're late paying your bill, we'll write to you or call you to discuss how you can pay. If you have difficulty paying, we may be able to agree a repayment plan with you. If we have to suspend or terminate your account, you'll still have to pay a final bill to cover the monthly charges left on your contract. 

    You will also be able to access and manage your 1GLOBAL account via accessing and registering for an on-line account with TRU. Please find further details at www.1global.com