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  • 1GLOBAL & Jamf - Powerhouse for Total Endpoint Management

    Simplify and secure your network at scale using 1GLOBAL eSIM tech and comprehensive UEM platform plus Jamf 'Zero Touch' device management solutions.

    Future-Proof Connectivity

    The 1GLOBAL and Jamf technology partnership delivers market-leading unified endpoint management solutions. Organizations can seamlessly deploy, connect, and manage their entire Apple device global ecosystem at scale with ‘Zero Touch’ end-user obligations.

    Jamf delivers unrivaled mobile device management, user identity and endpoint protection without hindering the user experience. Automate, secure and scale Apple IT workflows with technology that truly makes the difference. No one gets you more from the Apple ecosystem than Jamf.

    1GLOBAL provides industry-leading solutions for global connectivity. Secure platforms integrate eSIM tech for rock-solid cellular connectivity across devices and regions. Simplified provisioning, optimized network performance, and cost-effective management empowers businesses with uninterrupted global connectivity.

    Leverage the strengths of the 1GLOBAL and Jamf combined platform to future-proof your connectivity and endpoint management.

    How does 1GLOBAL work with Jamf?

    • Technology Leaders

      1GLOBAL provides full ownership of the entire eSIM ecosystem, while Jamf is the world Leader in Apple Mobile Device Management. Together they offer fully automated 'Zero Touch' deployment including global connectivity.

    • Secure & Seamless

      Organisations only need three key ingredients: Jamf Pro, a 1GLOBAL Enterprise account with plan and API already configured and supervised / institutionalised Apple devices.

    • Easy Integration

      1GLOBAL and Jamf have built an intuitive API that remotely installs eSIMs for corporate devices. Jamf Pro makes the API call based upon requirements set out in SmartGroups, streamlining data-capture for specific users or groups. Admins can group users by role and region, so the right people in the right places get the connection and security they require. Within seconds of being added to the relevant SmartGroup, an eSIM is installed on the device.

    • Rapid Implementation

      Once a Jamf Pro and 1GLOBAL account is in place, the API can be set up in a matter of hours as a one-off requirement. Distribution of eSIMs on a global scale happens in a matter of minutes after adding users to the relevant SmartGroups.

    Zero Touch. Zero Barrier.

    Jamf tech enhances security without impacting user experience

    Global Network

    1GLOBAL is a fully-licensed MVNO in 9 countries with a network covering 200+ regions

    Built for the Future.

    Save time, money and minimise risk by taking full control of your telecom ecosystem

    Trusted & Reliable

    User identity management and endpoint protection across all corporate Apple devices

    What is Fully Automated Deployment?

    • Implementing or Changing Mobile Carriers

      Switching providers for a corporate estate of users can be a mammoth undertaking, from logistics to personel management, to training and porting. But with Jamf and 1GLOBAL full migration can be initiated in minutes for thousands of users. It’s agility includes auto-updating usernames to the carrier, meaning porting can be automated and implementing a new carrier becomes as simple as a click of a button!

    • The Ideal User Experience

      A single prompt allows full mobile device onboarding, registration and connection, as well as prep for porting if required. No QR codes, no training, just fully-remote Zero Touch installation.

    • An Evolving Ecosystem

      Complete mobile device management means unlimited scope to scale and develop with your business needs, and will soon expand to include BYOD capabilities for even smoother end-user experiences and greater network security.

    eSIM Deployment Guide for JAMF Pro

    This documentation details how a JAMF Admin can configure the Webhook API for the zero touch 1GLOBAL eSIM deployment in JAMF Pro.

    Interested in learning more?

    Book a call with a member of our team for a free demo highlighting the key benefits of 1GLOBAL and Jamf's combined technology solutions for your company.

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