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    Data Explained

    Everything you need to know about data with your 1GLOBAL SIM.

    What Is Data?

    Data is any information that is downloaded from the internet to your handset. When you read your emails, stream music and video or access your favourite news site, you are using data. Some applications also use data to store and access information and run in game advertisements.

    Data Speeds

    Depending on the network coverage in your location, you could experience a range of different data speeds. Information about your data connection can usually be found in the top right corner of your screen, next to the battery bar.

    More information on How Fast Is My Internet ConnectionWhat Settings Do I Need To Access Data?

    Data is enabled by default on all SIM cards. If you do not have access to data, check if you have the correct settings on your handset.

    More information on Setting Up Data On Your HandsetCan I Tether With My Handset?

    If you are connected to the internet and your handset supports it, then you will be able to tether.

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    How Can I Check My Data Usage?

    If you would like to check how much data you have used, it is possible to check your data usage on most handsets.

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    How Do I Get BlackBerry Services?

    BlackBerry Services are no longer supported by 1GLOBAL.

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