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    How to Migrate to 1GLOBAL

    Steps on how to migrate from another operator to 1GLOBAL.

    If you’re having your number migrated from another mobile operator, you’ll need to port your number to 1GLOBAL. This means that your former operator and 1GLOBAL need to exchange the information that’s required to ensure that the number is ok to be transferred. This will configure your number to be seen as one that belongs to the 1GLOBAL network. 

    Initially, 1GLOBAL will associate your name and contact with your new SIM card. At this point, your SIM card has a temporary number that will only be changed to the definitive number when the porting process is finished.  

    • If you’ll be using a physical SIM, 1GLOBAL will ship it to your contract administrator, who will then hand it to you in a scheduled period. 

    • If you’ll be using an eSIM, an email with a QR code will be sent to you by 1GLOBAL, and you won’t need to use a physical SIM card. 

    We recommend that you test your new SIM as soon as you receive it by installing it on your device. With this preliminary test, you will check that you have access to internet and can make and receive calls with your temporary number. If you experience any issues when testing, please contact 1GLOBAL Customer Service (business.help@1global.com or dial 707) to review the status of your SIM. 

    If you’ve received an eSIM, please see “How to activate eSIM on iPhone" or “Install eSIM on Android” for instructions on installation. 

    You’ll be notified via a short text (SMS) message on the day when the porting process is due to happen. Please note that this message will be sent to your current telephone number, so if you’ve already removed your old SIM from your phone, you won’t be able to see it. 

    When the porting process begins, you may lose service for a few hours while your former operator removes your number from their network, and we add it to ours. When your service is back, you’ll be connected to the 1GLOBAL network with your current number. 

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