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    1GLOBAL SMS Service

    Description of the Short Messaging Service (SMS).

    What Is A Short Messaging Service (SMS)?

    Short Messaging Service (SMS) allow users to send and receive text messages from their handsets.

    How Can I Send/Receive SMS/Text Messages?

    The Short Messaging Service (SMS) is available to our customers in over 220 countries.

    • You may experience problems sending a long text message especially if it is more than 760 characters. A standard single SMS message is limited to 160 characters but most devices will handle longer messages as a series of concatenated messages. Some devices also try to convert long SMS messages into MMS and this is not supported on the 1GLOBAL network, these will not be delivered.

    • The actual limit of a single text message will depend on the sending device and potentially on other carriers involved in the communication. For this reason it is recommended that single messages are kept below 760 characters.

    • Special characters reduces the visible length of a single SMS message to fewer than 160 characters. For example: Chinese characters etc.

    If you are experiencing issues with your SMS service other than the above, please refer Why Can't I Send Or Receive Text SMS Messages.

    How Can I Remove an Unwanted/Spam SMS/Text?

    If you are receiving a high volume of unwanted/spam text messages, you can take a quick and easy action to block these messages. To know more about this, see How To Remove Spam Calls And Texts.
    How Do I Send A Text To International Numbers?

    To send a text message to an international number you must use the correct international format. To know more about this, see Calling Abroad, Country Codes and International Dialling.

    Customers with the Smart Dialing feature enabled and sending a text message to their home country or to a number within the country they are visiting no longer needs to use the correct International format. To know more about this, see What Is Smart Dialing.

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