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    I Have No 4G Data

    Troubleshooting guide for when you cannot get a 4G/LTE speed on your handset.

    Please refer to the checklist below if you are experiencing issues connecting to the 1GLOBAL 4G network.

    1. Are You Located In A Country With 4G?

    1GLOBAL is delighted to offer 4G/LTE in a number of countries and at the same time constantly adding more countries to our 4G network.
    For the most up to date information on these, you may refer to Where Is 4G Available?

    2. Are You Able To Make Use Of Any Data Services?

    If you are not receiving any data connection (i.e. cannot connect to the internet or retrieve emails), please refer to I Have No Data Or Internet Connection.

    3. Have You Got 4G Enabled On Your Handset?

    In order for your handset to connect to the 4G network, you need to have the 4G setting enabled.
    To find out how to enable 4G on your device please refer to How Do I Setup 4G/LTE Setting On My Handset?

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