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    Complaints code

    1GLOBAL Customer Complaints Code

    June 4, 2024

    A guide to our services and what to do if you have a problem

    The aim of the 1GLOBAL Code of Practice for Complaint Handling is to give you a clear guide and to explain our procedures for complaint handling and dispute resolution if you have a problem. It doesn't affect your legal rights, or form part of a contract between you and us.

    Our contact details

    To contact us, simply call 707 from your 1GLOBAL mobile. Calls are free to call 707. Or, you can call us from a landline on 020 3318 0742. These calls will be at the operator's standard rate.

    You can also write to us at:

    Customer Services





    You can also email us at business.help@1global.com if you are a consumer or a business.

    If you'd like to receive this document in a different format, such as in large print or in Braille, email at business.help@1global.com or contact Customer Services on 707 or 020 3318 0742.

    Head office

    The postal address for TP GLOBAL OPERATIONS LIMITED's head office is:





    Our complaint handling procedures

    1GLOBAL endeavours to make the customer experience a very good one but at times you may feel that you would like to raise a complaint about our service or if you have a billing dispute. This section sets out how to make a complaint and your rights to refer a dispute to an independent ombudsman.

    1. Complaints about our service

    If you're not happy with our service or would like to complaint about any billing aspect of your 1GLOBAL account or would like to complaint on billing or charges incurred whilst using the 1GLOBAL service please contact us first by calling 707 from your 1GLOBAL device, or 020 3318 0742 (charged at standard operator rates), or by sending us an e-mail at business.help@1global.com. Once you have lodged a complaint with us, we will acknowledge the complaint in writing to you and provide you with reasonable progress updates in relation to resolving the compliant where appropriate. Our customer services team will assist you and will try and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Once the complaint has been resolved we will issue you with a written communication confirming the final decision made on your complaint.

    2. Acknowledgement of Complaint

    Once you have made a complaint to 1GLOBAL, we will reply to you by email to acknowledge your complaint. This email will contain the following:

    Confirmation that the complaint is recorded;

    A timeframe for resolving your complaint;

    The unique reference number you submitted with the complaint, which will be used to identify and track your complaint;

    The next steps in the process; and

    A link to this Code of Practice for Complaint Handling.

    3. Complaint processing stages and target resolution time

    4. Complaint records

    We will keep a record of your complaint for time necessary to resolve or for such other longer terms as we may be required or lawfully authorized to keep such records.

    The following details shall be recorded:

    Your name, account number assigned to services by us, and contact details including a phone number and/or email address;

    The date the complaint was raised and dates of respective communication throughout the life cycle of the complaint until its closure;

    All communications with you including details of the response to the complaint, resolution and any determination in respect of the complaint, where relevant also including associated documentation.

    In line with our Data Retention Policy, we will retain these details on our system for a minimum period of one year after closure of the complaint. For legal reasons, complainant information may be held for up to 7 years.

    5. Refund 

    Where you purchase Services from 1GLOBAL refunds may be considered, however will be considered and granted on a case-by-case basis and only if the relevant eSIM Data Plan has not already expired AND you have not used more data than reasonably necessary to inspect the quality of the service and further may depend on the details of the complaint. If refund will be considered such information will be provided in the complaint determination. Where a refund is granted, it is typically applied as a refund to the same payment method that was used to purchase 1GLOBAL services. 

    6. Deadlock letter 

    1GLOBAL will endeavour to resolve all issues in a timely manner. If we are unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, we will issue a "deadlock" letter so that you may make a complaint through an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme or other if preferred by you due to you place of living. We will provide you with details of this service in a deadlock letter. Alternatively, if more than 10 days has passed since you first made your complaint and we have not provided you with the feedback, you can contact the below ADR scheme directly or other depending on your place or residence (please see listed below). They will provide a free, independent service to investigate your complaint, provided it falls within their terms of reference, though usually you must have gone through our own complaints procedure first before they can help you. 

    Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) contact details are as follows:


    International Dispute Resolution Centre

    70 Fleet Street

    London, EC4Y 1EU

    Telephone: 020 7520 3827

    E-mail: info@cisas.org.uk

    Web site: www.cisas.org.uk

    You should find us listed as TP Global Operations Limited.


    If you are a consumer from Ireland and can submit your claim to Commission for Communications Regulation (“ComReg”). ComReg is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications sector in Ireland.

    Consumer Line: (01) 8049668

    Address: 1 Dockland Central, Guild Street, Dublin 1, D01 E4X0


    EU - European Commission Online Dispute Resolution

    Under EU Regulations Consumers who have a complaint about goods or services purchased on-line have a right to refer their complaint to an independent dispute resolution agency via the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/



    We are regulated by Ofcom (the Office of Communications) which is the independent regulator for the UK communications industries.