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    Contract Summary for Electronic-SIM (E-SIM) Terms and Conditions

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    Prepay Data Plan Contract Summary

    Name of provider: TP Global Operations Ltd (“1GLOBAL”)

    Address: 109 Farringdon Road, Farringdon, London, EC1R 3BW, United Kingdom

    Address for complaints: 109 Farringdon Road, Farringdon, London, EC1R 3BW, United Kingdom, e-mail at business.help@1global.com or service desk at https://jira.1global.com/servicedesk/customer/portal/39/create/359

    Date: 24 May 2024

    Contract summary

    • This contract summary provides the main elements of this service offer as required by EU law.

    • It helps to make a comparison between service offers.

    • These key points of the agreement between you and us aren’t a substitute for what the main agreement says, and if there’s a contrast between what the main Agreement and what these key

    points say, then what the agreement says is right. Complete information about the service is provided in other documents.


    There is no minimum term applicable to our Prepay Data Plans.

    The service is sold exclusively on a prepaid basis.

    No automatic renewal is applicable. Once the data plan is expired, customer will need to purchase

    another data plan.


    The price of the data plans that the customer pays will be transparently displayed to you at the

    point of plan selection. We do not levy any additional charges beyond this amount. These charges are not recurring.

    Speeds of the internet service and remedies

    The speed will be determined by the network on which the customer is roaming, and 1GLOBAL

    will not limit the speed that the customer enjoys.

    For plans that are purchased and used in Ireland, the estimated maximum internet speeds are:

    5G download 50 Mb/s; 4G download 10 Mb/s; 3G download 1Mb/s. Our estimated upload internet

    speeds are 10% of the respective download speeds.

    Mobile internet speeds can be affected by external factors including but not limited to: (a) the

    location of the user; (b) device capability (mobile phone, modem/dongle); (c) distance of user from

    the serving site; (d) number of users active on the site; (e) location of the device if using indoors;

    and (f) topographical issues that arise in the case of valleys, mountainous terrain, trees, buildings

    and other obstructions. In the case of indoor use, advances in building insulation can also

    negatively impact service and speed. Within this, there may be areas where you do not have

    access to all Services or where coverage is otherwise limited or unavailable. In the event of any

    continuous or regularly recurring discrepancy between the actual performance of the Service and

    the speeds set out, the Customer shall be entitled to exit the Agreement without penalty where the

    relevant facts in relation to the actual performance of the Service are established by a monitoring

    mechanism certified by the competent Regulatory Authority.

    Duration, renewal and termination

    1. The data plans offer varying durations, ranging from a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 30 days.

    2. You may cancel and get a full refund on your data plan within 14 days of entering into an

    Agreement with us (“the Cooling-Off Period”). If you have commenced the use of the Services

    within 14 days of entering the Agreement (i.e. during the cooling off period), you will be taken to

    have explicitly requested that we provide the Services. In that case, we will provide to you a

    refund of the proportionate value of the unused Services if you terminate the Services within that

    14-day period. If you have bought a data plan from us through our website or application and

    completed a distant sale, you may use our cancellation form but it is not obligatory. You can also

    electronically fill in and submit any other unequivocal statement on our website


    Other information

    This contract summary (as required by EU law) is only a summary of the applicable terms and

    conditions, and the full set of terms are available and have been made available to you at: https://www.1global.com/legal/electronic-sim-e-sim-terms-and-conditions

    Provision by 1GLOBAL of this Contract Summary to a customer does not mean that the

    customer is obliged to enter into a contract with 1GLOBAL.