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    How Do I Set Up Voicemail?

    Steps to set up your 1GLOBAL Voicemail and its features.

    How Do I Set Up My 1GLOBAL Voicemail for the First Time

    When you receive your new SIM from 1GLOBAL, you will need to set up your voicemail service.

    1. From your handset, dial the short code according to your home country.

    2. You will hear a welcome message along with a request to create a PIN.

    3. Follow the prompts to create a memorable 4-digit PIN using the keypad on the handset. You will need to enter this PIN when accessing the Voicemail feature overseas.

    4. A notification will be heard which confirms the creation of the Voicemail PIN.

    You will have options to manage the Voicemail greeting when someone leaves you a message, options include:

    • Press 1 to listen to your current greeting

    • Press 2 to record a personalised greeting

    • Press 3 to record your name

    • Press 4 to revert to the standard 1GLOBAL greeting


     Home Country

    Short Code







     Hong Kong








     United Kingdom


    United States


    What Are the 1GLOBAL Voicemail Features?

    A. Changing the Voicemail Language

    1. From your handset, dial the short code according to your home country..

    2. You will hear a message that welcomes you to the 1GLOBAL Voicemail service together with following options: Press 1 to listen to your messages | Press 2 to record a new greeting | Press 3 to change your voicemail settings such as language or PIN number.

    3. Choose option from the keypad. You will then be prompted with the following choices: Press 1 to change your PIN | Press 2 to change your text notification | Press 3 to change your email notification | Press 4 for language choice | Press 0 to return to main menu

    4. Choose option from the keypad. From here, you can then select your preferred language.

    5. Finally, you will hear a message confirming that the Voicemail language has been changed.


    B. Setting Up Voicemail to Email Notification 

    Pre-pay Customers When you receive a new voicemail message, you'll be notified via SMS by default. With 1GLOBAL, you get to enable the option of setting up a notification to be sent via email as well.

    1. Login to your online account

    2. In My SIMs page, choose the MSISDN you want the Voicemail to be enabled then Change Settings

    3. Put a tick on both Voicemail and Voicemail to Email. Enter your email address then Save

    Business Customers Business accounts may call our Customer Service team to enable the Voicemail to Email feature.

    C. How do I Change the Number of Rings on my 1GLOBAL Voicemail

    To set the number of rings before a call gets diverted to Voicemail:

    1. Key in 61 [Your Primary number's Long VM number] **xx# from the handset's keypad

    2. Tap the Call button.

    xx = sets your preferred call duration before voicemail in seconds that is multiple of 5
    (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30)
    Minimum time of 5 seconds and a Maximum of 30 seconds.

    For example: To set the number of rings of UK primary number, dial 61+447408888505**30#

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