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    My Service Seems Unstable

    Steps to take for service issues with your eSIM.

    You shouldn’t experience any problems after the migration process is complete, however if you face any issues, please contact 1GLOBAL Customer Service by dialing 707 on your mobile or via business.help@1global.com

    Before that, here are some steps you could take that may help: 

    1. Turn your device off for a few minutes and turn it back on. This procedure helps by forcing your device to try and make new connections to the network and this may erase older settings from the previous operator that may have been stored in the device's memory. 

    2. If you are having trouble with data, ensure you have the correct APN settings. See “No internet”. 

    3. If you are experiencing a poor signal, try resetting your device and try to use it in a different area with a stronger signal. 

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