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    No Internet / No Data Service

    Steps to take for internet issues after migration.

    We recommend checking some things to ensure data connectivity: 

    1. Your device must have mobile data enabled (“Mobile Data” option). Details on how to do this are given in “No internet while travelling” 

    2. Your device needs to be connected to the cellular network in an area where you have data coverage. If you only have 2G connectivity in the area you are located, you should have data, but at slow speeds. The best scenario is to have LTE (or 4G) coverage in the area you are in. You should be able to check what your data access type is by looking at the top bar of your device, where you will see for example “LTE” or "4G" for data connection. If you do not see any data connection on the top bar of your device, you will not be able to use data. Try checking data signal in another area, or at another time. 

    3. You do not have the right APN setting in your device. This is the most probable reason if you do not have data service on your device. The APN determines that your device is connected to 1GLOBAL network data and should be set to “1GLOBAL”. To configure your APN, check “No internet while travelling”. It is highly recommended that you install the 1GLOBAL app that will ensure you have the right APN setting, anywhere you go, even when travelling, when it is common to have this configuration erased by the new country's setup. 

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