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    What Is Data Roaming?

    Data roaming refers to the ability of a mobile device to connect to the internet and use data services when it is outside the coverage area of its home/domestic network. When you travel to another country or region where your mobile carrier does not have coverage, your device can connect to a partner network.

    How to save on Data Roaming Costs as a Business

    With 1GLOBALs Global Prepaid Data Roaming Plans, businesses can choose from a range of plans that cover 160+ countries on a single plan and save on the costly data roaming costs from their domestic / home provider.

    Steps on how to activate Data Roaming & its importance when traveling with your 1GLOBAL SIM.

    If you travel & lose data connection, please check if you have enabled the data roaming setting on your handset.

    For 1GLOBAL World 2014 plans that covers 66 countries, you must activate this feature when outside the 1GLOBAL Zone
    For 1GLOBAL World 2017 plans that covers more than 100+ countries, activate this feature when outside your Home country.

    Before doing this, please make sure you consider the costs involved in data usage when roaming and that you are comfortable with these.
    If you are a 1GLOBAL customer on our Essential, Elite or Tru mobile broadband plan, please be aware that you will also be classed as "roaming" when in Germany, Spain or Poland. 

    How Do I Turn On Data Roaming?

    For instructions on how to enable data roaming on your device, please click on these links:

    If you have enabled Data Roaming and are unable to use internet, please see our trouble shooting article: I Have No Data Or Internet Connection

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