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    Wrong Phone Number

    Steps to take if get a wrong phone number after migration.

    The onboarding process to 1GLOBAL consists of transferring your number from your former mobile operator to 1GLOBAL. While the porting process is still incomplete, and if your SIM is already active and installed in your device, you’ll be assigned a temporary number. So, if you are facing this scenario, it means that the porting process of your number to 1GLOBAL is not yet complete. You still have the option to return your old SIM to your device and use it normally until the porting process starts. 

    You shouldn’t ordinarily experience this scenario after the porting process is finished. However, if you believe this is happening, please contact 1GLOBAL Customer Service via email at business.help@1global.com or by dialing 707 on your device so that we can check the status of your porting process. 

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