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    What Is Smart CLI?

    Smart CLI definition & how to switch ON or OFF.

    Caller Line Identity (CLI) is the number that is displayed on a handset that is being called on or sending an SMS to. If you have this number stored on your contact list, the device will usually replace the CLI number with the name that has been stored against the number in the contact card.

    Smart CLI & 1GLOBAL

    With 1GLOBAL, the primary telephone number is the number allocated from your home country. This is the same number that will be presented as your CLI.

    1GLOBAL subscribers can have an additional number from each of the other countries in the 1GLOBAL Home Countries
    Should you have any of these additional numbers, Smart CLI is the feature that will ensure the correct local number is presented when you call or send an SMS to phone numbers from the same country.


    1. I am a 1GLOBAL customer with a UK primary number and an Australian secondary number. I make an outbound call to a colleague in Australia. My Australian number will be presented on the recipient's handset.

    2. I am a 1GLOBAL customer, with a German primary number and a Spanish secondary number. I make a call from Spain to Germany. My German number will be displayed.

    How Do I Switch On/Off Smart CLI?

    Smart CLI ON: Dial 128#
    Once you switch Smart CLI ON, you will get a response “Hello! SmartCLI has now been successfully activated”

    Smart CLI OFF: Dial 129#

    And if you switch Smart CLI OFF, you will  get a response “Hello! SmartCLI has now been successfully deactivated”

    Smart CLI Check Status: Dial *123#

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