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  • 1GLOBAL at TradingTech Summit London 2024


    1GLOBAL is proud to partner with A-Team Insight for the 2024 TradingTech Summit in Canary Wharf, London. This year’s edition will bring together leading experts from a wide spectrum of trading technology fields to share their insights and experiences.

    As sponsors of the event, we’re excited to contribute our expertise in financial compliance and partake in a wider discussion on the future of capital markets and financial institutions. 

    Compliance by 1GLOBAL

    1GLOBAL is an international connectivity provider with a particular interest in compliance solutions. Our platform is designed to excel in security and compliance and includes specialized mobile recording and device monitoring solutions for enterprises.

    Our flexible, tailored compliance offerings are designed for multi-tier financial institutions. Through a global network and cloud-based capabilities, we offer innovative services across 160 countries.

    Experience and credibility

    We work with thousands of companies, including 8 of the world's 12 largest investment banks

    Global Network

    A fully-licensed MVNO in 9 countries, our network provides coverage in 160+ regions across 6 continents

    Built for the future

    We support full voice & SMS capture and are extending our services to platforms like WhatsApp, Teams and Zoom

    Flexible Delivery

    Integrate both corporate and BYOD devices using physical SIMs, eSIMs or our app

    Our speakers at this event

    Paul Liesching

    Chief Revenue Officer

    10:10 AM: Keynote Fireside Chat - Navigating the complexity of communications surveillance

    About Paul

    Paul Liesching is an expert in mobile communication and financial record keeping regulations, with over 20 years of experience in delivering innovative compliance solutions to financial institutions. From founding Obsidian in 2008 which he sold to 1GLOBAL in 2012 to his role as chief revenue officer, Paul has spent two decades exploring new ways of advancing the financial compliance capabilities of businesses large and small.

    As Chief Revenue Officer at 1GLOBAL, Paul is uniquely placed to provide revealing insights into the communications compliance challenges currently facing the financial markets today, as well as sharing how technology innovation can enable financial markets to thrive whilst meeting their regulatory obligations.

    Simon Hand

    Global Head of Sales - Compliance

    4:00 PM: Panel - The evolution of communications surveillance – How to manage risk, improve oversight and ensure compliance in today’s complex environment

    About Simon

    Simon is the global head of sales for 1GLOBAL’s compliance team. Over a 20-year career, he has developed a wealth of unique and revealing insights into the ever-shifting world of financial compliance, regulations and security.

    This includes an expertise in the complex field of maintaining mobile security and compliance across international borders.

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