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    Migrating with eSIM

    Steps on how to migrate to 1GLOBAL with an eSIM.

    If you received a QR code to activate your SIM, it means that you were identified as having an eSIM-capable device, and you won’t need a physical SIM card to use 1GLOBAL’s service. The QR code must be used to add your new eSIM to your device- this is the equivalent of installing a physical SIM card. 

    Please follow these steps to migrate to 1GLOBAL with eSIM: 

    • You’ll receive an email with the QR code and instructions on how to install your new eSIM. 

    • You’ll be notified about the porting date – please make note of this, as you may lose service for a few hours during the process. 

    • You’ll receive a short text message (SMS) on the scheduled porting date before the process begins. Once the porting of your number to 1GLOBAL has been completed, you can use your device to make calls, text and navigate the internet (data) as usual.

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