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    The 1GLOBAL Network

    Where we operate, our coverage and the 1GLOBAL world.

    Below are the Frequently Asked Questions on where 1GLOBAL operates, our coverage and the 1GLOBAL world.

    Where Do We Operate?

    The 1GLOBAL network covers over 200 countries.

    How To Check Network Coverage?

    1GLOBAL has partnered with several MNOs (Mobile Network Operator) globally. If you want to know which is our preferred network in a country and its coverage, please contact us.

    What Is The 1GLOBAL World?

    In 2017, we launched a new 1GLOBAL World Plan that covers you in 100+ countries.

    Customers joining prior to 2017 had access to 66 countries.

    More information on 1GLOBAL World.

    What Is The 1GLOBAL Zone?

    The 1GLOBAL home is made up of 9 countries where we offer a uniquely local service. More information on 1GLOBAL Zone

    Why Am I Not Getting Any Coverage?

    If a customer is unable to connect to our network please refer to our coverage and network troubleshooting guide.

    Get in touch

    Our award-winning support staff are available 24/7/365