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    No Internet While Travelling

    Steps to take for data issues while travelling after migration.

    Ensure your device has mobile data enabled (“Mobile Data” option), and make sure you have the option in your device to allow data utilization when in roaming condition. To do this, please check your device’s instructions. You can find instructions for the most common models here: 

    If you are still having trouble with data abroad, it is probably because your device has lost the APN configuration. The APN configuration determines that your device is connected to 1GLOBAL network data and should be set to “1global.com” (use blank login and password – see further instructions below).  

    It is highly recommended that you install the 1GLOBAL SIM Data Settings app that can be downloaded from your device app store (or typing http://bit.do/truapp in the browser of your device). It will ensure you have the right APN setting anywhere you go, even when travelling, when it is common to have this configuration erased by the new country's setup.  

    To configure your APN in your Android device, check instructions here  

    To configure your APN in your Apple device, check instructions here 

    Yet, your device must be compatible with the radio network where it will operate. A far less common possibility is that your device is incompatible with the destination networks available in that country. So, it is always advised to check compatibility of your device with the networks that operate in the country you are visiting. 

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