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    Device & Communication solutions that accelerate growth and boost efficiency by seamlessly connecting your people, devices, and networks instantly, anywhere, at scale.

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    Secure mobile recording & compliance solutions for banks and financial institutions. Quick and easy to set up and manage. Built to adapt to rapidly evolving global financial markets.

    1GLOBAL for Finance

    Global Enterprises

    Effortlessly manage and control devices and mobile numbers company-wide, in multiple countries, on one cost-effective global service.

    Global Enterprises


    Effectively manage and drive the growth of your IoT business to market leadership with our integrated connectivity solutions


    Thousands of companies rely on 1GLOBAL every day

    1GLOBAL's Cutting-Edge Product Suite

    1GLOBAL is at the forefront of digital transformation, with a suite of products designed to revolutionize global connectivity. From facilitating seamless international communication to ensuring global compliance, each product resonates with our commitment to excellence.

    eSIM: Everywhere, Effortless

    Unshackle from the confines of traditional SIM technology with our eSIM solution. Dive into a world where connectivity is omnipresent and experience the true power of effortless provisioning. No matter the device or location, 1GLOBAL ensures you're always connected.

    • Swift Deployment: Go live in just 6 weeks and deliver a frictionless user experience to your customers.

    • IoT Compatibility: Devices wake up connected, primed for your commands from the get-go.

    • Simplified Management: Complete control, total visibility, and seamless integrations.

    Discover eSIM with 1GLOBAL

    Global Connectivity: Boundless, Reliable

    With 1GLOBAL, boundaries blur. Our global connectivity product extends your reach across 200+ countries, ensuring you're never out of touch.

    • Everywhere, Anytime: A network that knows no borders.

    • Simplified Deployment: With just a click, your device is live worldwide.

    • Premium Connectivity: Relish high-speed, stable connections no matter where you are.

    Experience Global Connectivity

    Embedded Telco-as-a-Service: Your Roaming Revenue Booster

    Enter the new age of telecom solutions with Embedded Telco-as-a-Service. Offer your customers an unmatched roaming experience and watch your revenues soar.

    • New Revenue Streams: Tap into global connectivity markets.

    • Customer Empowerment: Transparent, self-managed connectivity for your users.

    • Top-Tier Support: 24/7 assistance, ensuring you're always on.

    Embedded Telco

    Compliance: Stay Ahead in the Regulatory Race

    In an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, 1GLOBAL's Compliance product ensures you're always one step ahead. Cover all bases, from voice to WhatsApp, ensuring every communication is recorded, monitored, and stored.

    • Multi-Channel Mastery: Voice, SMS, WhatsApp – we've got it all covered.

    • Global Reach: A solution that travels with you, ensuring compliance everywhere.

    • BYOD-Friendly: Cost-effective solutions, integrating seamlessly with personal devices.

    Unveil 1GLOBAL Compliance

    1GLOBAL: The Epicenter of Global Connectivity

    Worldwide Footprint

    We’re a team of 400 Telco experts spread across 15 different offices globally.

    Diverse Connectivity

    Celebrating 40 million SIM connections with an addition of 15,000 SIM profiles daily.

    Multi-sector Presence

    Serving 17 unique sectors, showcasing our unmatched versatility.

    Trusted Partnerships

    Over 3,500 corporate clients trust us, backed by our GSMA accreditation and access to 600+ global networks.

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