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  • Recording & Compliance solutions for Banks & Financial Institutions

    Mobile recording and Monitoring - Trusted by the world's largest investments banks.

    Mobile Compliance Gold Standard

    Empower your global operations with our mobile-compliant recording solution. We don't just meet the standards but set them – our unique global in-network mobile recording solution for regulated users is recognized as the Gold Standard of financial compliance.

    We’ve earned global trust

    The world's largest investment banks rely on 1GLOBAL to deliver the highest quality, most reliable and secure mobile recording platform. It is the preferred choice to meet the stringent demands of global regulators.

    Eliminate your compliance gaps

    You can prevent compliance circumvention by users: Our centrally controlled, global network enables all recording from the core. Users simply use their mobile devices as normal, while our network captures all communication. It’s business as usual but with airtight compliance.

    Your way, all the way

    As a leading eSIM technology provider, we can deliver rapid push-button deployment globally. Need your physical SIMs deployed reliably and securely too? We have robust processes and services in place to make that happen.

    Recording: Your choices

    We offer you several options for compliant voice and SMS recording. Leveraging our longstanding partnerships and seamless integrations, we collaborate with the world's leading recording and archiving vendors, such as Verint, NICE, ASC, Smarsh, and Global Relay.

    Everywhere you are

    We serve most of the world's largest investment banks across four continents.

    Total, unified control

    From the device to the compliant artefact in a single, robust, user-focused interface.

    Complete compliance

    No more handset apps, no compliance gaps. One global system records everything in real time.

    Premium call quality

    We own it and control it: our patented low-latency architecture delivers unparalleled call quality uninterrupted.

    Secure communication and recording from personal handsets

    Download our whitepaper to learn more about our thesis on the future of mobile communication in the global financial markets

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    Comply with local and industry regulations by using our recording and monitoring product for mobile communications.



    GSMA-accredited, comprehensive eSIM provisioning platform


    Global Connectivity

    Stay connected anytime, anywhere, with any device - on one unified network that saves you money.

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