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  • Efficient, scalable, everywhere: IoT with eSIM

    Effectively manage and drive the growth of your IoT business to market leadership with the integrated connectivity solutions from 1GLOBAL.

    Connectivity solutions for Hyperscale IoT

    Our IoT platform gives you comprehensive global connectivity access. With 9 full MVNOs, 5 international sponsored roaming partners, and over 150 interconnects, we offer 2000 routes to 350 mobile carriers, spanning 2G to 5G and LPWAN. Work with us and put our extensive experience and global API-driven platform to empower your hyperscale IOT strategies.

    eSIM: go beyond connectivity

    Unlike physical SIMs, eSIMs allow seamless switching between providers, promoting healthy competition, cost control, and a diverse range of service options, ensuring an agile IoT ecosystem. When you implement an eSIM strategy with us, you enter a world of unmatched flexibility, efficient remote provisioning, cost-effectiveness connectivity, streamlined device management, and limitless scalability, ready for the rapidly evolving IoT landscape.

    Exponential long-term value: eSIM and RSP in IoT

    Using our GSMA-approved RSP platform, we've distributed 30 million eSIMs in 170 countries for our partners. Combining eSIM and RSP with Consumer IoT lets OEMs and IoT providers control their future, unlocking significant value. This approach provides complete connectivity control, enabling OEMs to select, add, or switch connectivity partners for maximum commercial advantage.

    Scale, control, and achieve with 1GLOBAL

    As a trusted market leader in integrated connectivity, eSIM and RSP, we offer a uniquely scalable platform. Deliver on your organization’s global strategic vision with our future-proof technology and partner with us to globalize your IoT business to market leadership in your domain.

    Global coverage

    With 9 full MVNOs, 5 International Sponsored Roaming partners, and over 150 bilateral interconnects, we offer 2000 access routes to 350 mobile carriers.

    eSIM leader

    We manage 30 million eSIMs in 170 countries with a pioneering GSMA-approved API-enabled global Remote SIM Provisioning platform.

    Breaking new ground in IoT

    As a global leader in the new Consumer IoT standard (SGP31/32), we deliver total connectivity control.

    Built for global partnerships

    We're in 13 countries on a unified, centrally controlled global platform, serving 30 million devices across 170 countries. We focus on crafting global IoT platforms for industry leaders.

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    Comply with local and industry regulations by using our recording and monitoring product for mobile communications.



    GSMA-accredited, comprehensive eSIM provisioning platform


    Global Connectivity

    Stay connected anytime, anywhere, with any device - on one unified network that saves you money.

    Global Connectivity

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