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  • Recording & Compliance for your global communications

    In a world of ever-changing regulations, our comprehensive recording and monitoring product keeps you ahead of the game in all major forms of mobile communication.

    Multi-channel recording

    Gain unparalleled control with our mobile recording solutions for Voice & SMS communication.
    With more recording channels like Whatsapp, WeChat,Teams, and Zoom already in development, our multi-channel recording capabilities are helping global financial institutions to face the future.

    Flexible Delivery

    Harness the power of our solution on both Android and iOS devices using physical SIMs, eSIMs, or our voice+ recording app​ depending on your needs. Be it on a corporate device or a BYOD device, via VoLTE and VoWIFI- we've got you covered for it all!

    Global reach

    Our full suite of APIs for call reconciliation assurance puts you in the driver's seat, offering all the technical features you need to control your user lifecycle with ease.

    With a Full Domestic solution in all our MVNO Network Countries and an extended solution in further, you can roam hassle-free in 160+ countries.

    BYOD Compliant

    Reduce your costs while staying in control - our innovative multi-line technology lets you add a second corporate line on your employee's personal devices with secure monitoring.

    Our Fail Close feature block calls within non-CAMEL (Customized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic) networks and enables your users to communicate safely wherever they are in the world, ensuring only calls that can be recorded can be made

    Global End-to-end Solution

    With our own MVNO network, we help you stay globally compliant and connected with full control

    Fully customizable

    Tailor messages to inform clients that voice and/or SMS communication is captured​

    Compatibility with all major systems

    Android, iOS compatibility, be it with physical SIM, eSIM or our voice recording app

    Saves you money

    BYOD-friendly with offerings to support in the management of roaming and international communication costs​

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    Stay ahead of the stringent demands of global regulators with our mobile recording platform.



    Use one easy-to-manage global communications platform to scale and win.


    IoT device makers

    Grow faster with the globally integrated connectivity solutions from the eSIM leader.


    Embedded Telco

    Use our quick and easy-to-set-up eSIM solution to offer connectivtiy to your customers and grow your revenues.

    Embedded Telco

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