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    Setting Up Data On Your Handset

    Checklist for when connecting to the Internet via the Data service.

    Below are the settings that needs to be checked for you to have the data service working on your 1GLOBAL SIM.

    1. Make Sure Data Is Enabled

    To use data, you must first make sure that your mobile data connection is enabled. In most handsets, this can be found inside the Settings menu.

    2. Switch On Data Roaming Whilst Traveling

    1. Turn on the Data Roaming option on your handset when traveling. Enabling this option differs depending on your plan, please see What Is Data Roaming

    2. If you expect to use a large amount of data when roaming and you have a Data Cap enabled, you should make sure that the limit is high enough. 

    3. You should also be aware of the costs you will incur, as data roaming can considerably be more expensive than standard data usage.

    3. What Is 1GLOBAL's Access Point Name (APN)?
    The Access Point Name (APN) is the network path for all mobile data connectivity. For a handset to connect via mobile data, it must know the Access Point Name (APN) to connect to. This setting should be setup automatically once your 1GLOBAL SIM card connects to a network.

    The 1GLOBAL Settings are:
    • APN: 1global.com
    • Username and Password fields are not required (Leave blank)
    • No other settings are required

    For more information on setting up your APN settings, please refer to the links below:

    • APN Settings for Android
     APN Settings for Apple iOS
    • APN Settings For BlackBerry

    APN Settings For Windows
    4. Switching Off EU Internet (Apple iOS Only)
    If you are traveling in any of the European countries and are unable to connect to the internet, please ensure you have disabled the "EU internet" setting on your handset.

    5. 4G/LTE Data

    1GLOBAL is delighted to offer 4G in a number of countries. We are constantly adding more countries to our 4G network - for the most up to date information please refer to Where Is 4G Available?

    If you are not in a country where 1GLOBAL currently supports 4G, you should disable 4G to prevent your handset trying to connect to unsupported networks. As you land in a new country you will receive a Just Landed message from 1GLOBAL which will tell you whether 4G is available or not. For more information on 4G please refer to What is 4G?

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