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  • Global Enterprise Connectivity Plans, Done Right.

    One global communications platform to help you grow, save cash, move faster and perform better.

    Our Plans

    Prepaid Data Plans

    Prepaid data-only plans for businesses. Simply purchase a single plan to cover all your organisation’s mobile data usage in 160+ countries

    Data plans

    Postpaid Voice + Data + SMS Bundle Plans

    Custom voice, SMS and mobile data packages tailored to the size, location and purpose of your workforce.

    Bundle Plans

    Simple, Scalable, Global

    As your worldwide enterprise communications needs grow and become more sophisticated, you can count on our easy-to-manage global wireless communications platform to adapt and grow with your evolving needs.

    The power of one platform

    Navigating multiple international Mobile Network Operators is challenging, especially as your requirements for reliable, advanced, and secure services evolve. We offer you a unique global, centrally controlled mobile platform that provides a unified service with a single contract and consistent security across all countries you operate in.

    Lower your cellular costs abroad and at home

    Switch to our global wireless communications network, and two things happen immediately: drastically reduced roaming expenses and significantly more efficient domestic usage. Eliminate bill shock with our monitoring and alerting platform - on average, our service reduces roaming bills by 60% and domestic costs by 20%.

    eSIM: efficiency redefined

    eSIM lets you digitally distribute connectivity –eliminating the high cost, complexity, and environmental burden of shipping physical SIM cards. Onboarding iOS and Android users becomes as simple as the touch of a button. We also support eSIM management via MDM to facilitate seamless one-touch, single sign-on onboarding.

    BYOD Corporate Implemnation

    If you embrace BYOD in your business, eSIM is ideal. It lets users have a corporate number on personal devices, removing the need and cost of separate work phones.

    Global, like a local

    Wherever you are: one wireless communication service with porting, local language, and local currency support for one seamless experience.

    Go ahead, grow

    When your teams need more: add new services once and apply them globally. Just like that.

    Goodbye bill shock

    Use our monitoring, reporting, and alerting platform to stabilize your communications expenses and always know where you stand.

    Hello roaming savings

    Enjoy attractive "in-bundle" shared and individual packages in 117 countries and free calls between users worldwide.

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    Comply with local and industry regulations by using our recording and monitoring product for mobile communications.



    GSMA-accredited, comprehensive eSIM provisioning platform


    Global Connectivity

    Stay connected anytime, anywhere, with any device - on one unified network that saves you money.

    Global Connectivity

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