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  • AU 1GLOBAL SIM Critical Information Summary

    Information about the Service 

    August 30, 2023 


    Description of the Service 

    1GLOBAL SIM is a national and international mobile telecommunications service including voice, text and where available data services based on the capabilities of a multi-IMSI SIM card. We provide the Service to you on a prepayment basis. 1GLOBAL is a trading name of TP Global Operations Limited. TP Australia Operations Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of TP Global Operations Limited. 


    Offer bundling arrangement 

    The Plan is not dependent on Bundling to any other Telecommunications Services.  


    What's included 

    The 1GLOBAL SIM is a pay as you use service, and includes $15 call credit to use for national and international voice, text and where available 3G data services. Additional credit can be purchased to pay for these services. 


    The charges below apply for usage in Australia: 


    National standard call (landline or mobile): 9c/min 

    National SMS up to 160 characters: 9c 

    Mobile internet: 9c/MB 

    International call and data rates are available at www.1global.com  


    What's not included 

    The Services do not support calls to paging or faxing services; satellite numbers; video calls; MMS and video MMS. Calls to premium rate numbers, non-geographic numbers, and all other special numbers (e.g. directory assistance, freephone numbers) are available on this Service but charged at higher rates.  


    Minimum Term 

    This is a Prepaid plan with no minimum term. Prepaid credit does not expire, so long as you continue to use the service every 180 days, the term will continue.  


    Information about Pricing 


    Total Minimum Monthly Plan cost 

    There is no minimum monthly plan cost. 1GLOBAL SIM is a pay as you go service. Additional credit can be purchased for the 1GLOBAL SIM. A minimum top-up value of $10 applies. 


    Total Maximum Monthly Plan cost 

    There is no maximum monthly plan cost. 1GLOBAL SIM is a pay as you go service.  


    Early termination 

    With a 1GLOBAL SIM there is no minimum contract, so you can cancel the service whenever you want. There is no fee for cancellation. You must, however inform us in writing, giving us your name, address and telephone number. You must also return the SIM card and any associated products to us at your own cost and risk before the cancellation takes effect. Any remaining credit unused at time of cancellation will be forfeited. 


    Cost of Standard national 2 min call in Australia: 18c/2 min call 

    Cost of Standard national SMS in Australia: 9c/SMS 

    Cost of 1MB of Data in Australia: 9c/MB  

    Other information 


    For further information about 1GLOBAL SIM services visit our website at www.1global.com  


    Usage information 

    There are a number of ways to check your balance and usage on your 1GLOBAL SIM: 


    via voicemail - dial 303 on your 1GLOBAL SIM and follow the prompts 

    on screen - Press *124# on your 1GLOBAL SIM to display your balance on screen 

    Online - Login to My Account on the 1GLOBAL website and enter your Username and Password to view your usage  

    Using your services overseas 

    The unique feature about the 1GLOBAL Service is the ability to be charged local rates for calls in certain identified countries outside Australia. Where you have chosen to purchase a membership package you will be entitled to have access to local tariffs for your SIM in those identified 1GLOBAL supported countries and provided you have paid the necessary subscription for this facility, you will be able to make and receive calls on your 1GLOBAL SIM at local call rates in those 1GLOBAL supported countries. Where 1GLOBAL does not have an arrangement with a specific country for the purchasing of local rates, then you may still use your 1GLOBAL SIM but this will be on a roaming basis. You may incur additional charges for this roaming ability including for the making and receiving of calls whilst roaming. 

    We recommend you check whether local tariffs or roaming charges are applicable for the country you intend to use the Service in before you travel to that country. For a full list of 1GLOBAL SIM rates please visit our Rate checker.  


    Customer Service 

    You can call Customer Service by dialling a short code from your 1GLOBAL SIM, or dial the local number in any of our 1GLOBAL. 




    Short Code Customer Service: 707 

    General Enquiries: +61 2 8999 4200 



    Short Code Customer Service: 707 

    General Enquiries: +44 (0) 203 318 0742 



    Short Code Customer Service: 707 

    General Enquiries: +1 646 360 1689 

    Alternatively, you can email Customer Services at: help@1GLOBAL.com  


    Customer Complaints 


    If you have any complaints or feedback about the Service you should send them in the first instance to help@1GLOBAL.com or contact us on 707 from your 1GLOBAL SIM (free from a 1GLOBAL Country, standard rates apply when calling from non-1GLOBAL Countries) or +61 2 8999 4200 from any other phone (standard call rates apply). Our customer services team will assist you and will try and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 


    Should you wish to access our Complaints Policy and procedures, these can be found on our website.  


    Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman 

    1GLOBAL will endeavour to resolve all issues in a timely manner. If we are unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. You can lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman online at www.tio.com.au/about-us/contact-us or contact them by telephone on 1800 062 058; by facsimile on 1800 630 614; by post at PO Box 276, Collins Street West, VIC; or in person at Level 3, 595 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC. 


    This is a summary only – the full legal terms and pricing for this plan are available at www.1global.com