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    Extended global connectivity and eSIMs for Banks, Enterprises, IoT, Telcos and Device Manufacturers in 160+ countries


    In January 2023, 1GLOBAL - solely owned by Hakan Koç and Pyrros Koussios - acquired the internationally recognized GSMA-accredited global mobile network assets from Truphone.
    In October 2023, Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, former CEO of Vodafone Germany and A1 Telekom Austria as well as former board member of the GSMA joined 1GLOBAL's board as non-executive director.

    Headquartered in London with our R&D hub in Lisbon, we have now grown to over 400 employees across 12 countries and have been granted the status of fully regulated MVNO in nine of them.

    Same commitment. Global Scale.

    New Leadership

    A board of Telco and IT leaders with experience in scaling global ventures

    Wider Focus

    We’re more than just a mobile operator – we’re an end-to-end technology provider for global communications

    Investing in expansion

    Our aim is extensive, sustainable growth. To achieve this, we are committed to major investments in our services

    A Growing Team

    With over 400 employees and counting, we’re continually adding the best people to help us achieve our mission

    What has changed?

    Our values and our core mission remain unchanged - to deliver the best possible service to our customers and pioneer new global connectivity solutions. Entering this new era, we aim to broaden our mission even further and extend our service portfolio by transitioning into a global end-to-end connectivity provider.

    Our new strategy is not only to deliver high-quality calls, texts and 4G/5G data access across multiple countries, but also working with our customers on new needs and develop tailormade products for you, be it in the social messaging, BYOD or corporate application space. We look forward to bringing you a range of great new products and a flawless user experience.

    OTA (Over the air) update for SPN (Service Provider Name)

    The SPN (Service Provider Name) for all our Enterprise and Finance clients has now been updated. The SPN is the network name string you will be able to see on your device when it’s connected to the home network. All our customers will now see a new SPN. All the devices will start to show "1GLOBAL" where they were previously showing "Truphone". For reference on where this is usually shown, please refer to the screenshots below.

    SPN (Service Provider Name) as shown on iPhone Lock Screen

    SPN (Service Provider Name) as shown on iPhone Mobile Data Settings

    SPN (Service Provider Name) as shown on iPhone Network Selection Screen

    SPN (Service Provider Name) as shown on iPhone Control Center

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    New Compliance Offerings

    We're growing our compliance solutions and will be extending our service to even more platforms like Teams, WeChat, Whatsapp, Zoom and more!

    1GLOBAL for Finance

    Dr. Ametsreiter joins 1GLOBAL

    13.10.2023 - Former CEO of Vodafone Germany and A1 Telekom Austria, Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, joins 1GLOBAL as a non-executive director.

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    GSMA Approval

    We're continuously upholding our GSMA approval with a current 98% success score. As a full MVNO in 9 countries, we strive to achieve more everyday.

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