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    Why Do I Have A SIM Card Error?

    Different SIM card errors & what to do with it.

    If you are receiving one of the following error messages, you may have a problem with your SIM card; 

    • No SIM

    • No SIM Installed

    • Insert SIM Card

    • Please Insert SIM

    • SIM Not Allowed

    • SIM Not Recognised

    What Can I Do?

    There may be a number of reasons why you are getting one of these errors messages:

    • Your SIM card has been inserted incorrectly > Remove the SIM card and ensure you insert it the right way round.

    • Your handset may be blocked by a previous provider > If your handset was supplied by another provider, you will need to contact them and request an unlock code.

    • Your SIM card may be physically damaged > Request for a replacement SIM.

    • Your handset's SIM tray or identifier may be damaged >  Check with your handset provider.

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